How To Get Gum Out Of A Carpet & Rug

Have you just got your carpet cleaned? If so, you may be very happy. That happiness sometimes goes away when you spot a gum stain on your recently cleaned carpet. In your routine life, you can’t predict what will happen. However, if your carpet is stained, you shouldn’t panic. We have put together this guide to help you remove gum stains from your rugs or carpets in an easy way. Read on to know more.

Method #1

First of all, it’s important to remove the stains as soon as you spot them. Leaving them alone for a few hours or days will make them harder to remove. Follow the steps below to do it the easy way:

1. Put a bit of ice in a bag

2. Place the ice bag on the stained area on your rug to harden the gum for ease of removal.

3. You can also make use of a scraper to scrap the gum.

4. Using a cleaning agent like 409, you can sponge the stains.

5. Put a white towel over the area to soak up the rest of the liquid and then pat it dry.

Method #2

If you can’t follow the first method, you can give a go to this one. All you have to do is grab the WD-40, a degreaser and a fingernail brush. Below are the steps you need to follow:

1. Grab the spray bottle and spray a bit on the gum stain.

2. Next, you should let it sit for a couple of minutes.

3. Your next move is to make use of the fingernail brush for scrubbing the gum stains.

4. Continue to apply WD40 after a vigorous scrub.

5. For cleaning up the area, you may want to spray the degreaser or detergent on the target area.

6. In warm water, you can rinse a sponge and apply on the area.

7. You may want to keep cleaning the area gently until you can see no signs of stains on the rug. Remember: don’t be harsh or the carpet may get damaged, which you may not want happening at any cost.

8. Keep cleaning until the carpet is as clean as it can get.

Method #3

This method involves the use of a regular hairdryer for easy removal of carpet stains.

1. The moment you spot a stain on your rug, go grab a hairdryer and point it at the gum.

2. Keep an eye on the gum while you are doing your job. You should be careful not to cause any damage to the rug fiber because of overheating.

3. As soon as the gum begins to melt down, you can use a bag to remove it.

4. Keep repeating the process until your rug is totally clean.

In short, whenever you have a difficult situation to deal with, we suggest that you follow the three methods explained above. Hopefully, you won’t need to hire the services of a professional cleaner.

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