So You Want Genuine Wooden Floors in Contemporary Times of Fancy Blended Tiles?

The love for real wooden floors under the feet would remain for an eternity. Besides, wooden floors were the norm for hundreds of years and still make a lot of sense in extremely cold climates as insulation. Go to the hilly areas where timber is plentiful and find entire homes built of wood. The beloved wood does keep us in tune with nature and wood lasts indefinitely too if taken good care of. How much humanity does love those wooden floors, a heritage we would not wish to give up, just like the language, art, and culture.

Yet, wooden floors have drawbacks as everybody realizes. The world is running out of natural wood with forests dwindling. Go to the market and what you see are various forms of synthetic wood. Those large, heavy logs and broad planks are almost a thing of the past. Tiny sheets of wood are stuck together and provide the flimsy stuff used in the manufacture of furniture. Only those with deep pockets would afford the authentic real wood furniture of teakwood, rosewood, rubberwood etc.

Tiled wooden floors

Yet, real wood floors are possible for those who must have them. Dealers of wood tiles ensure that wooden floors are possible for those who can afford the expense. It is true that the grace and charm of wooden floors cannot be imitated. Yet, wooden floors need to be taken good care of. The surfaces are very sensitive and scratches and nail marks would remain if a dog has been clawing at them. Carpets would protect wooden floors and add an element of beauty too with all the artistic patterns and the labor of the craftsmen.

Polished wooden floors are truly a soothing sight after experiencing all the artificiality around. A regal touch and healthy too, insulation against the elements and a ready-made arena to play your games – authentic wooden floors truly elevate and inspire. Yet, make sure that wetness and moisture do not intrude. If a few of the wooden floor tiles happen to get damaged or crack up, a few replacements should be ready. Purchase a few additional tiles for such an eventuality.

Colors, comfort, and elegance

Get a range of colors painted or polished on the wood, though the classic naked wood surface, richly enhanced with polish, beats everything, just like nature made it. A variety of surface textures would be possible and a clever arrangement of wood types and surfaces, colors and patterns would provide stimulating appearances. A sub floor would add to the strength and allow all the gymnastics and exercises of the little ones. Take care, though.

The room temperature remains quite the same and the harsh winter cold hardly gets into the room. Aesthetic environments could match the wooden floor with the d├ęcor that usually reflects rustic themes. Greenery not only intensifies the natural element and provides refreshing beauty but purifies the air too, resulting in healthy conditions in a place where most of the time is spent by the wife and little ones. Everybody else spends half of the 24-hour period indoors perhaps.

Would you consider wood look imitation porcelains?

Those who are constrained by budgets and not so particular, wood look porcelain tiles bring the same effects. The perfect imitations are achieved by the power of inkjet technology that works on the porcelain surface with remarkable accuracy. Most would not know that it is a copy. Buy the favorite wood surfaces, be it birch or whatever. Technologically, it seems that nature has been improved upon without the blemishes that real wood may have. Such porcelains do create a range of very attractive surfaces on floors and walls too, a variety of patterns making the ambiance so much more striking.

Besides, consider the advantages over real wood. Unlike the genuine wood, porcelains would be doing fine amidst all the wetness and the moisture. Place them in kitchens and bathrooms. Porcelains are durable and easy to clean.

An age of blended tile materials

Glass, natural stone and metal, quartz, slate, there seems no limit to what the industry and technology have achieved. A glance at the exotic variety of tile designs that are available to tempt the mind and heart. Create a forest of dream ambiances, different for each zone in the household or business premises. The variety of natural stones in sparkling colors does inspire a universe of imagination.

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