Alarms – A Great Way to Protect Your Home or Business From Intruders

Stores will soon be re-opening and people will be flocking back just to be able to shop in person again. However, as the shops get more crowded there is a good chance for shop lifters to go back to their own type of work.

How good are you in spotting someone robbing your store? Are you an experienced store owner or just a beginner? Regardless of your experience, shop keepers always need to have eyes in the back of their heads to keep track of their stock on the shelves.

So, to keep your store safe and secure let’s talk about some protection against theft.

You should have a way of knowing when someone enters your store. Not everyone has their cash register directly in front of the door to observe who has entered. This is even more important if you are the only salesperson in the store. Shoplifters know that you’re alone and it’s easy to take advantage of the situation. This is where two or three people will enter together and then separate, making it harder to observe each individual person.

What can help you with this situation – an item known as a Motion Detector.

There are different kinds Motion Detectors. One is a Safety Beam Alarm that chimes when someone breaks the beam. This product can be placed at the front door, back door, even the stock room door. This item is very versatile – it is portable and can be used anywhere. Besides your store, you can set it up in your child’s room to know when and if they have climbed out of the crib or play pen or even left the room.

For your house or apartment there are Door Alarms or Window Alarms which will alert you if someone is trying to enter some door or window. Now you will hear a burglar trying to break in during the wee hours of the morning because these alarms will emit a very loud alarm to wake you up so you’re able to call 911.

What about putting a Door Alarm in your detached garage or shed? Who knows when someone is trying to break into one of these buildings to rob you of your valuables. Just think of the price of a lawnmower or leaf blower or, worse yet, your special tools. A simple alarm could save you a bunch of money.

Door Alarms and Window Alarms are inexpensive, easy to use, portable and they work! Every house, store, apartment, even a rented room should have protection from any invader who wants to rob you of your valuables. Don’t be the next victim of a crime – protect yourself NOW!

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