Reflections – A Guide To Mirror Placement

If you have recently purchased a new home, or just wish to update your current one, you may want to explore the possibility of adding mirrors to various rooms. Mirrors make spaces appear larger than they are, however it should be noted that some mirror locations have been tied to negativity. Some individuals believe that mirrors placed in particular areas within a home can actually influence money as well as one’s health. Below is a breakdown on how and where to place your mirrors to achieve the best results within your own living space. Use Feng Shui Many professionals agree that the best place to hang a mirror in any home is in the dining room. The dining room represents one’s capacity to hold wealth. It also makes the reflected area look larger. If space is an issue, definitely try placing a mirror in the dining room first. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate either. It could be frameless or a simple frame. Whatever the choice, it is a reflection of you, your taste, and your home.

Don’t Put Mirrors in the Kitchen

While mirrors in a kitchen might brighten each morning, you may want to rethink it. Placing a mirror across from a stove can harbor negative energy.

Hang a Mirror in a Hallway

Seen as a positive location for a mirror to be hung, mainly because it makes the space in the home seem larger (such as at the top of a staircase). However, placing one at the end of a hallway should be avoided because it slows the energy flow in a home instead of encouraging it.

Other Areas to Avoid

As a general rule, never hang a mirror above beds, behind sofas, or behind chairs. Mirrors often times give the illusion of feeling watched or unsafe. Feng Shui is the exact opposite if that. All rooms in the home should feel safe and secure. Improve Light in Every Room To make a room seem brighter, simply place a mirror adjacent to a window to catch the sun’s natural rays. Proper illumination helps in all aspects. This might help find lost objects hidden in dark places, serve as a reminder for cleaning, or just help to see better in general. Allowing more light into a room is better for overall health.


An area of the home that is often forgotten about when it comes to mirror placement is the outside of the home. Mirrors are a wonderful addition to any garden. They can be placed on the side of a garage or on the side of a shed. Hang them freestanding off of a shepherd’s hook in the middle of a flower garden. Not all mirrors can be hung though. Some come with metal frames that can be used simply and easily.


Overall, mirrors can be an excellent addition to any home. Some offer elegance while others offer enhancement of decorative items within the home. Others still give rooms a larger appearance. Just be sure to put them in the right spot. Placing them in the wrong locations will feel wrong upon entering the room and no one wants to invite negative energy into their home.

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