5 Signs You Need A Gas Plumber And How To Find One

Millions of households depend on natural gas everyday. When problems arise, it is important to contact a gas plumber, someone who is qualified to work with natural gas and all that it entails. The ability to harness great use out of dangerous materials allows us to do the things we do without thinking too much about it. But it is the inherent danger of gas that makes it necessary to call the experts.

Here are five signs you need to call a gas plumber, along with some tips on finding a gas plumbing expert near you:

1. Trust Your Eyes – Even if you aren’t a gas expert, you can usually see if something isn’t quite right. Know where your gas connections are, and make a point to inspect these connections for any damage or wear. The presence of any damage could be prime territory for gas leaks.

2. Check For Dead Things – Many times, you may find issues with a gas line outside of your home. Look around for strange dead spots in your yard or near your home. The presence of dead vegetation could indicate that something is amiss, and your home’s gas line may be the culprit. It’s best to tackle the issue before it gets into your home.

3. No/Low/Dirty Flame – You may see a low flame, which means that there is low pressure in the gas line & could be a sign of a leak. A leak could also cause no flame to be present, which means that gas is going elsewhere except where it should be. Also, when it comes to your stove, if you’re burners are burning “dirty” (showing colors other than blue), then it may mean gas isn’t burning properly & could be producing carbon monoxide.

4. Can’t Shut Off Gas – A very frightening sign that requires attention is when you decide to shut off gas and it doesn’t work. The shut-off function is a safety feature that is there in case of emergency or when service is needed. If you can’t cut off gas, it means the safety feature is compromised & immediate attention is needed.

5. Trust Your Nose – Gas doesn’t have a natural odor. An order has been added, sometimes described as ‘rotten eggs’, so that we can tell if a leak has taken place. be mindful of this smell and take action immediately.

Finding a gas plumber isn’t hard to do. For starters, contact your city or town’s utilities office to get recommendations. Also, even though plumbers are only thought of as individuals who deal with water emergencies, may plumbers & plumbing companies hold licensing in specialty areas such as working with natural gas. You can also ask about master plumbing licensure.

Never compromise your family’s safety when it comes to natural gas. Be vigilant & have a plan in place before an issue arises.

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