How to Secure Your Pool Area

For water loving souls, summers are the most awaited season of the year. People eagerly wait to bathe in the sun and then, cool themselves by taking a deep dip in the water. Swimming is enjoyed as a form of recreation as well as exercise by all. Besides these two, some use it as a lifesaving skill too.

Unfortunately, many people lose their lives due to drowning each year. Thus, it becomes necessary that you deem yourself accountable for your family members. Moreover, the pool owner, whether private or public, must also take appropriate steps to prevent such accidents from taking place. A law for public pools in the USA states that there has to be a lifeguard on duty at all the times.

With the advancement in technology, people are now inclining more towards using security widgets as a preventive measure to aid lifeguards and to counter accidents.

Scroll down to read about the ways to ensure swimming pool area is always a ‘secured area’:

1. Outdoor Security Cameras

Good outdoor surveillance systems that cover the pool area will keep you updated about what’s happening there, even when you are not physically present. While cooking in the kitchen also, you can watch your children playing in the water. However, remember that security cameras are not your replacement; if kids are too young or do not know how to swim or any other similar situation, you need to be with them while they take a plunge into the water.

An added advantage is that besides ensuring safety of the swimming area, these cameras keep an eye on the intruders sneaking around too.

2. Sonar Panels

Sonar panels are used underneath the water surface to detect any sound or echoes. They are a good bet for protecting your swimming pool as with these gadgets, there are no chances of false alarms due to wind generated movement of the water (which usually happens with the normal underwater motion sensors). These devices are entirely mechanical and can re-arm themselves automatically. With these positioned under the pool water, there are no chances of kids sneaking out without activating the alarm.

The only thing that you need to take care of is that before taking a dip, you need to take out the alarm and switch it off; otherwise the alarm would buzz off.

3. Other Safety Ways

Some more ways of strengthening pool security-

· You may go for fence with a self-locking gate option. As the name implies, gate locks automatically and keep your children & pets away from the specified area.

· Using tall bars for restricting the unsupervised entrance is another good alternative.

Besides safety gadgets, there are a few other things that you can keep in mind to reduce the risk and enhance the security around your pool:

· Always remember that nothing can better supervise your juniors than what you can do. Gadgets are to help you; don’t depend on them entirely. Also, make sure that you are not using smart phones or anything else that could divert your attention from them.

· Keep the pool surrounding area clean. Ensure that there are no things like toys lying around which can lead to accidents.

· Teach your kids same basic security tips about their own safeguarding and how to handle unexpected situations. You can make them enroll in some professional classes also for the same too.

· Establish rules for your brats, more than that following them should be made mandatory when it comes to swimming pool; like to stroll away from pool, no diving, swim under supervision and more.

· Take care of things like maintaining the proper chemical levels of the pool, its filtration, and changing its water on a regular basis.

Hope the points mentioned in this article were successful in sending across the message that how to keep your pool area safe!

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