Improving Your Home With Inspired Storage

Unless you’re blessed with plenty of garden space and secure outbuildings, keeping larger items of domestic equipment safe and in good condition can be a challenge. Small modern houses with limited outside space or families who’ve recently down-sized can all feel the storage pinch.

Small garages and tiny sheds can often end up overflowing and inaccessible. From lawn mowers to car jacks, to skateboards, sledges and bicycles, everything gets thrown in. Finding what you need is frustrating, and when heavy tools are incorrectly stored it can even be dangerous.

Get Inspired with Modern Storage

Getting organised and saving space is a lot easier than you think. With just one day of effort you can ensure your shed or garage is never overcrowded again.

Start by sorting everything into three groups:

• Items you use regularly or those that are small

• Items you’ll never use again

• Items you need but don’t use right now

Choose a dry day so you can use the garden to sort your groups of equipment.

Items You Use Regularly or That are Small Enough to Go on a Shelf

These items are the only ones that will still be in the garage or shed by the time you’ve finished. Invest in open shelving for stackable items and lockable cabinets for the more expensive and regularly used tools in your collection. Put up wall hooks for smaller, hangable items you want to keep handy.

Items You Never Use

These are things that should be either recycled or disposed of. Broken items or any-thing you’re hanging onto ‘just in case’. We’ve all got stacks of this stuff and we wouldn’t miss it if it was no longer hanging around.

Identify your rubbish but keep special collections or family heirlooms, putting those in the next group.

Items you Need But Don’t Use Right Now

This is where inspired storage comes into play, through a seasonal, rotating self storage system.

Over winter, give gardening equipment a good clean and wipe over with a rust inhibitor and put them into a self storage unit. Use the space you free up to store winter necessities like the kids’ sleds, snow shovels, bags of grit and car maintenance necessities. If you don’t have a shed, just getting the gardening stuff out of the garage means you can use it for the car again while the weather’s bad.

During summer, swap out your self storage unit by bringing the gardening tools home and putting all the winter maintenance and leisure equipment into store.

Self Storage Facts You May Not Know

1. Rental self storage units can be small. Many people assume self storage is only for those with mountains of stuff to store. Not so. Some of the smallest spaces are just 10 square feet.

2. Rentals are short-term. Many people assume self storage is just for those with a long term need. Not so. You can rent a unit by the week, making it a viable option for both long and short term needs.

3. Self storage is expensive. Wrong again. When weighed up against the advantages and quality of life you gain, self storage is very cost effective.

If you’ve never considered using self storage to free up space at home, now is a good time to investigate. We’re all squeezed for space, but the inspired amongst us will always find solutions.

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