Using Storage Containers to Organize Your Garage

The garage can be the messiest place in any home. However, shelving and storage containers can help you get the space in order so that it can once again house its most important resident – your car!

When the space in your garage is overrun with gardening tools, hardware, bikes, and other outdoor equipment, it’s time to reorganize. Take a trip to your local hardware store and find storage containers, shelves, hooks, and other items that will help you to organize and make room for your car – the main item that a garage is intended to store!

1. What types of shelves should I use?

The garage is a dusty place. You’ll probably want to opt for ventilated shelves since flat shelves collect dirt and debris very quickly. Ventilated shelves also give great visibility when it comes to finding items that are higher than eye-level.

In addition to shelving, plan to use hooks for items that can be hung. This includes gardening tools, paintbrushes, and other hardware.

2. What types of storage containers are best?

Since we all have seasonal items that often make their way to the garage, it’s probably best to use clear storage containers. Seasonal items tend to be stored on higher shelves, so with the combination of ventilated shelving and clear totes, you’ll be able to see what’s in each box. That way, you won’t pull down the Easter decorations at Christmas time!

Even for those shelves at eye-level, clear storage containers are a great option. It’s so much easier to be able to see what’s inside a box. Labeling is probably a good idea, even if the box is clear.

3. How do I begin to organize the clutter in my garage?

You may have a lot of stuff in your garage – especially if it’s become a catchall area for various leftovers from household projects. Your first step is to sort and purge:

If you haven’t used the item in over two years, go ahead and discard it. Reusable items can be donated or sold at a garage sale. Potentially hazardous items like old paint, oil cans, as well as cleaning supply bottles should be thrown away – usually these objects need to be taken to the dump in order to be disposed of properly.

After throwing away everything that’s been sitting in the same place for the past two years, take some time to think about how you should store the remaining stuff. Aim for visibility and accessibility:

What tools or supplies to do you pull out often? These should be stored at eye level or below so you don’t have any problem accessing them. Decorations for holidays tend to be used on a seasonal basis – just once a year. Store these items in clear storage containers on higher shelves. You’ll easily see what’s inside and be able to pull them down with the help of a stepladder.

While visibility is definitely ideal, you may find that your garage is just too small for all the shelf space you would need to accommodate all your stuff. If this is the case, find some hidden areas like workbenches or even hooks hung on the back of the door.

Have fun beginning the reorganization process!

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